Dramatis Personae

This month, I’ve started a studio series called “Dramatis Personae.” The title is Latin for “persons or characters of the drama.”

Since I’ve graduated high school, my life has become increasingly interesting, to the point that I often feel it’s scripted right out of Hollywood. For instance, this holiday season, I’ve felt like I’m in an Asian-American version of a Tyler Perry Christmas drama. A comically unfortunate incident exposed a sexual fling I’d had with a beautiful young woman (who will remain nameless), throwing the entire holiday season out of line for my family. Of course, like any Tyler Perry movie, it was resolved in love and care, just in time for Christmas.

But it’s that kind of thing that makes me stop and think about everything. I mean, movies and other theatrics, as unrealistic and idealistic as they can be, come from real life. Writers and producers often take a real life situation, embellish it, throw in a pretty face to act it out, and there’s a hit.

However, we all have lives that have drama, and thus, we’re all the star of our own movie, TV show, play, whatever. We’re all stars of our own continuous production, and we all have a cast and crew that keeps the show going — our own dramatis personae.

This thought, which may or may not have been influenced by alcohol, inspired me to shoot a series of the “persons or characters of the drama” of my life. I take a black and white headshot of each character, include a name and a brief, honest description of their role in my life’s production. I’ve been amazed to see the parallels between my life and several major dramatizations in film and TV.

Follow the series HERE.

If you’re a photographer, I encourage you to do your own series of a similar idea. Even if you don’t shoot photos, take the time to think about who plays what role in your life, and I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate your relationships and friendships more, or at least for what they are. You’ll definitely learn some things about yourself, too.

Here’s my self-portrait from the series:

“Jesse Rogers, the somewhat sketchy protagonist who doesn’t always do or say the right thing, and tries to irresponsibly coast through life on luck, looks, and talent.”

Thanks for reading. This is probably one of the weirdest posts I’ll ever write, and it certainly has nothing to do with Send The Messenger, but whatever.

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Take care,
Jesse Rogers


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