The Revived Tour

I recently drove back to Washington from Albuquerque, NM following the end of The Revived Tour with Us, From Outside, A Faylene Sky, and Palisades. We started out in Baltimore, MD in late February and ended the tour in Queens, NY in early April. Safe to say, it was the craziest six weeks of my life.

As a photographer, it was great for me to be able to see the whole country and photograph some interesting people. I even gained a new addition to my “Street” album on my website.

I also did shoots for U,FO and Palisades, which were great. It’s also cool to get to work with their record labels. I know the Palisades shot will be featured on many websites and magazines for a while. Perez Law Corp was also one of my clients while on tour:

I also got to meet Shauna Hundeby while I was in Florida. And she’s awesome.

The tour was rough. With several dates over 12 hours apart, my band barely made it through the tour, financially. Not to mention we played more than a few shows to smaller crowds, and even a few shows that we basically played for the other bands on the tour.

However, despite the numbers, I couldn’t have asked for a better first tour for Send The Messenger. The guys in the bands we toured with were the most genuine, nice, and down-to-earth guys to ever be in signed bands, and we all got really close within the first week of tour. From pranks to crazy nights to group dinners at Denny’s, I had such a great time with all the guys on The Revived Tour.

I’ll keep this short.

I just wanted to say thank you to my band, Us From Outside, Palisades, A Faylene Sky, and Thrust Management, and everyone who came out to see us for making this tour happen.


PS – I totally have a business number now. 206-486-2477 (for business inquiries only).


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