Send The Messenger Photoshoot

On September 24th, we did our first photoshoot with our current line-up. It had literally rained all day the day before the shoot, so we were pretty anxious about weather, since two of our three locations were outdoors. Not to mention, Chris flew in to MA for the weekend, specifically for the shoot.

The first shot we did was for one of our sponsors, Crash Scene Clothing.

The last shot of the day was in this old abandoned warehouse/airplane hanger looking place. We stopped somewhere and picked up some cheap white T-shirts, which we destroyed once we got to our location. Garrett went all out; he literally dove head first into a mound of dark soil, dunked his head into a filthy puddle, and rolled around on the ground. The rest of us just smashed the shirts into dirty places and squirmed as we put them on. This shot was mostly natural light too, though my flash served as a nice fill-light.

It feels weird to write like this. I feel like I’m writing one of my old photography blog posts, but I’m also writing about band life. There’s a few other photos that I couldn’t put up that featured our other sponsors, like Stay True Apparel, CONQUERINGcloth, and DapNap.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s a few more links to things that are important.

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TRX Cymbals
Send The Messenger


New House, New Blog

A couple weeks ago, Carlin, Corey, and I piled everything we own into our van took off on a ridiculous quest from Albuquerque, NM to Cape Cod, MA. It took over three days, and we pretty much survived on string cheese and lunchables. Video of the trip here.

We’re in our screamer’s old house, which has been interesting, to say the least. We don’t have cars, other than the van, which is reserved for going to the grocery store. We can’t really do anything but rehearse, which we can only do for so many hours a day. Somehow, the temperature in the house went from being uncomfortably warm and humid to freezing. I can hardly feel my fingertips as I type this.

I don’t mean to make it sound terrible, but it does bring to mind, “Why are we here?” And I can’t really say too much about that right now. Basically, we’re here rehearsing with Garrett for a studio date at a location we can’t disclose yet. Chris is flying out this coming Friday to do new promo photos with us. Then it’s just practice, practice, practice until November.

Not really much to write about in this post; I really just wanted to give my new blog a proper initiation. I’ll leave some videos and links to make this worthwhile via shameless self-promotion.

I made a new YouTube channel for personal, non-drum videos. Check that out here.

My latest drum cover — “Moon Teeth” by In Oceans. Like, comment, and subscribe, please.

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Thanks for reading, and God bless.